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What Have You Downloaded? I really want to know.
James Tollett – October 18, 2013

If you are my “friend” on Facebook, you know that I have been having a problem with my computer recently.  Computers are great when they work properly, not so great when problems come up.  Particularly, I have been having a problem with Memory Dumps and Adobe Premiere Pro not loading.  As many of you know, computer problems can be quite trying and can tax one’s sanctification.  I know that some of you feel my pain!

I did what many of you do when you have a computer problem: I searched on the web for possible solutions.  I read dozens of articles that dealt with Premiere Pro not loading.  I watched more videos than I care to remember.  Armed with all this information, I set out to solve my computer problem.  The result: computer “1”, me “0”.

I finally contacted the tech people—you know, those folks in a foreign country who speak little or heavily-accented English.  I tried my best to communicate with the technician.  I finally gave him remote access to my computer.  The tech worked on my computer remotely for about two hours, and then he pronounced the verdict: your copy of Windows has files missing, and some files are corrupt.  Here are some thing’s which might have caused your problems.  You probably downloaded something with a virus.  Malware had attacked your computer.  Otherwise a power spike or electrical problem messed up your computer.  You need to do a fresh installation of Windows.

This was not a verdict I wanted to hear.  I had already tried to repair Windows with the system disk.  I have used a registry program to try to fix problems there.  Nothing had helped.  That was why I called in the power team from overseas!  Now the technician is telling me what I already knew I would have to do, but did not want to do—re-install Windows!

A Windows re-installation meant that I now I had to spend hours backing up files (video files) that were not uploaded onto my backup cloud server.  Upon re-installing Windows, all my programs and files would be wiped off my computer.  I would have to reinstall all the software again, update my software, and start the download process from my backup cloud server.  Who has time for this?  Plus, I still did not know what caused the problem.

A believer can also experience a system crash.  Even innocently and unintentionally, the believer can accept (download) a thought, behavior, or lifestyle that does not bring honor to Christ.  The god of this world provides ample opportunities to taint the believer.  It could be through media, social activities, and/or friends.  Without knowing it, you could be influenced.  To prevent downloading such things into one’s life, the believer must be aware of and vigil about those things which can contaminate his/her life.  When you notice those types of temptations, follow the advice found in James 4:7, to “resist the devil.”

However, just as with a computer that has a high-powered antivirus program on it sometimes things still get through, such can also happen in the life of the believer.  You have been vigilant, but now there seems to be a problem.  When that happens, inappropriate things get downloaded into your life and you no longer function in an appropriately Godly manner.  The same advice given to me about my computer also applies here.  The believer needs to “delete” old programs (areas that taint your relationship with the Lord and other believers), “re-install” the proper programs (repent and recommit yourself to the Lord), and then “download” updates (allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in your life).  Once this process is completed, it is then time to watch what you download.

If your Christian life has been sluggish lately, perhaps you have allowed some things to come in and contaminate your spiritual walk.  It is now time to reboot.

Until next week, I am James Tollett, your missionary to America.