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How Far Does Your Shadow Extend?
James Tollett – September 27, 2013

As believers, our faith should make an impact on those we know and on those we meet.  However, I have often observed, not only in others but also in my own life, that I do not always let my light shine (Matthew 5:16).  When I am associating with others, I can talk and do things with them—many times, though, they would not necessarily know from my behavior that I am a Christian.  My friends: for those of us who are believers, this ought not to be the case.

In Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount,” he uses two things which illustrate what the impact of the believer should be in the world, that is, the believer’s sphere of influence: Salt (Matthew 5:13) and Light (Matthew 5:14-16).  When used properly, these two items are beneficial, and cannot be ignored.  Both items make an important, sometimes dramatic, impact on those items that are around them.

As believers, we should flavor our world with the love of God.  As believers, we should be the light that leads others to a saving and sanctifying relationship with God.  In other words, the world needs us, and we need to be available to the world to share the love of Jesus.  In other words, we should be casting a long, Holy-Spirit empowered shadow that calls others to faith in Christ.  So, “How far does your shadow extend?”

In Acts 5, we read about the impact that Peter had on others.  After his Holy Spirit empowerment on the Day of Pentecost, Peter definitely became salt and light; so much so that apparently even his shadow had an effect on those around him (Acts 5:12-16).  The church grew in number and many were healed.  So I ask the question again, “How far does your shadow extend?”

In the natural realm, the length of one’s shadow is always based on a person’s relative position with the sun.  For the believer, this is also true.  The stronger the believer’s relationship (relative position) with the Lord—the SON—the further that person’s “shadow” (spiritual influence) will extend.  The more a believer is in the full light of Jesus Christ, the farther his/her shadow, or sphere of influence, is cast.

How do we extend our shadows?  First, we need to remain in the full light of Jesus Christ.  Second, we need to let our light shine.  Third, we need to put ourselves in places where we can share our faith with others.

“How far does your shadow extend?”  Only you can determine that by your relationship with and commitment to the Lord, as well as your desire to share your faith with others.

This week, let’s make a difference.  I encourage you to start extending your shadow to others.

Until next week, I am James Tollett, your missionary to America.

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