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What Do You Do When Enough Does Not Appear To Be Enough?
James Tollett – September 20, 2013

At least twice a month, people will contact our ministry for us to pray with them about the financial difficulties they are going through.  I can’t count the number of conversations I have had with people which, regardless of the beginning topic, ends up discussing the economy and financial situations they are facing.

I understand their pain.  Six years ago I left ORU to enter into a faith-based preaching, teaching, and evangelistic ministry.  Many people told me they would support the ministry on a monthly basis.  Because of their faithfulness, we were able to reach a number of people.  I thank God for all of those who supported us.

However, about five years ago, the financial situation in America changed.  Those who had been monthly supporters had to stop supporting us.  The reason: their financial situation had changed.  You see “enough did not appear to be enough.”

However, we were not the only faith-based ministry to experience this.  Giving was down in churches all across America.  Church budgets had to be slashed.  Because of this, churches could no longer afford to have guest speakers.  You see “enough did not appear to be enough.”  Without having a place to preach, those faith-based ministries that traveled started having major financial problems.

Recently there have been record numbers of people filing bankruptcy.  That number also includes believers.

It is easy to blame someone else or the economy when “enough does not appear to be enough.”  When there is a panic financially, such as America and the American people have experienced for the past few years, it affects everyone.  But what do you do when “enough does not appear to be enough”?

The answer is staring the believer in the face: you trust God and work with what you have.  When the Lord called Moses, He asked Moses what he had in his hand—it was a rod.  Moses used that rod to bring the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage.  Today, as believers we must look at what we have, and I believe that with God’s help we will discover that enough is enough.

You see, most of the people I talk with have lived the American dream.  Gratify your wants now, pay for it later.  That works until you have more debt than you have money.  But even that is not really true.  For most of us, if we adjust our lifestyles we could easily find the money we need to take care of our financial obligations.  Nevertheless, it will require sacrifice on our part (that is, no more: specialty coffees each day, health club memberships we never use, etc.).

I believe that most of us have enough to take care of our basic needs if we modify our lifestyle wants, and if we deal with our real needs.  In fact, I believe we could not only get out of debt, but we could also start building a sizable savings account even in today’s economy.  In 2010 I wrote a book that deals with this topic.  It is called You Can Survive and Even Thrive in Today’s Economy.  Many have used this small book to get control of their financial situation.

This week, I want you to carefully look at your finances and lifestyle.  I believe that if you are objectively honest, you will know “What Do You Do When Enough Does Not Appear To Be Enough?”

Until next week, I am James Tollett, your missionary to America.

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