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100th Believer’s Tip of the Week
James Tollett – August 23, 2013

It is hard to believe that this is the 100th installment of the Believer’s Tip of the Week!  When the Lord impressed upon me the need to write this weekly e-blast, I argued with Him, asking, “Who would want to read tips on how to live the Christian life?”  Well, for the last 99 weeks, people have been reading and responding to each one!

Each week, new people subscribe to this e-blast—not so much through efforts that I have made, but through your sharing this e-blast with your friends.  Many of you have forwarded the Believer’s Tip of the Week to your friends.  I have had a number of people tell me that they print out each Tip for each week.  I am humbled by what the Lord has done and is doing through the Believer’s Tip of the Week.

Since this is a special edition, I want to share with you some of the comments that I have received.

S. Brown from Oklahoma wrote:
“The Believer's Tip of the Week email has blessed me SO much!  I enjoy reading, learning, and growing in Christ through the knowledge of the word of God you share with us on a weekly basis.  Thank you for all you do to encourage and empower the body of Christ through this ministry.”

L. Walton from Missouri wrote:
“Congratulations, James & Melanie, You are very faithful in the Lord’s service.  An inspiration and challenge to us. . . . Yes, they [the tips] are very practical and helpful.”

R. Coker, a pastor, wrote:
“I really have been loving the believer's tip emails.  It has . . . been great encouragements to me, it’s always fresh and makes me want to go even deeper for the Lord.  I know it'll go even further in ministry, and be something the Lord will use mightily.”

R. Rollins from Florida sent this note as a response to last week’s tip:
“Awesome Dr. Tollett, I never thought of using my waiting time to make change.  I always spent that waiting time complaining how long it's taking.  The power of the yellow legal pad is going to change my life and my wife's who have to listen to me complain at the doctors, dentist, auto care shop, and the Winn-Dixie, not to mention my church and others who will benefit from your advice.  ‘The Power Of The Yellow Pad’”

I want to thank you and others for the kind words during the first 99 issues of the Believer’s Tip of the Week.  However, this weekly e-blast is not something I could put out by myself.  It is a team effort.  I put the material together, but then my wife, of 34 years—the love of my life—straightens up the English grammar, and helps me with additional Scriptures or ideas that I may have not have thought of.

On September 27, 2013, we begin our third year of producing the Believer’s Tip of the Week.  Pray for us as we continue to seek the Lord in what to present to you from week to week.

As always, until next week, I am James Tollett, your missionary to America.

P.S.: A number of people asked about getting copies of the Believer’s Tips of Week as a CD or in printed form.  The first year, Volume 1, is available as a Kindle book on