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Are You Aware of the Power of the Yellow Legal Pad?
James Tollett – August 16, 2013

I hate to wait in a doctor’s office, at a car repair shop, or for an appointment of some kind and do nothing.  So when I am in a place waiting, I often take a spiral notebook or a yellow legal pad with me—it is my way of redeeming the time.  Over the past few months, now, I have been amazed at the power a yellow legal pad can have.  Let me explain.

During those times of waiting, I use the yellow legal pad as a time to plan projects, reflect on past events, write the next section in a book, or outline a sermon or teaching.  At other times, I use the yellow legal pad to brainstorm ideas.  To be honest, I am often amazed at what I can accomplish during those short times of waiting.  In fact, this particular Believer’s Tip of the Week, and many other tips, have been written during some of those sessions of redeeming the “wait time”.

The first amazing power of the yellow legal pad is the ability to get things done while I am waiting.  However, there is a second power that the yellow legal pad has of which I was not aware—the power to draw people’s attention and impart life to them.

In 1 Peter 3:15, we read, “always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you” (NASU).  As believers, we should always look for ways to share our testimonies with others.  I have found that the yellow legal pad can open that door.

On a number of occasions, when I have been writing on my pad, someone will ask, “What are you doing?”  I always respond in a non-threatening way that I am working on a new book, preparing a seminar, or working on a sermon/teaching.  I have yet to have someone not ask a follow-up question, or want to get into a conversation about what I am doing.  These chance meetings—or as I call them, “Holy Spirit Appointments”—have allowed me to share my faith in a number of different settings.

With a pad in hand, I can diagram truths, write out passages of Scripture, or give that person the address to my website or my email address.  Some never contact me again; but I cannot tell you that a number of times I have had people email later about a problem they were facing and just wanting prayer.

In the Old Testament, God asked Moses, “What you do have in your hand?”  Moses said, “A rod,” and God used that rod in delivering the children of Israel.  Today, I want to encourage you to take a spiral notebook or a yellow pad, and allow the Lord to use it through you just as he used Moses’ rod.  I pray that today, you have become aware of the power of the yellow legal pad and will add it to your tool kit for sharing the gospel.

Until next week—our 100th installment of the Believer’s Tip of the Week—I am James Tollett, your missionary to America.

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