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As a traveling ministry, we offer five types of services: Pulpit Supply, Rallies, Special Themed Events, Revivals, and Seminars

Pulpit Supply

We are more than happy to serve as a special speaker or as pulpit supply for regular services on Sunday or Wednesday evening. Check our itinerary for availability. Complete the "Scheduling Inquiry" form at the end of this page, and we will get back in touch with you about a specific date. If there is a special topic you would like us to speak on, mentioned that when setting up the meeting.


A rally can take place in a local church, a hotel banquet or ballroom facility, or an outdoor venue. Currently, all rallies are based around the "Mission to America" Campaign. To schedule a "Night of Music and Ministry" Rally, check our itinerary and contact our office. You may use the "Scheduling Inquiry" form below or contact us by mail.

Special Themed Events

We are available for banquets (sweetheart, graduation), conferences, or retreats. Check the itinerary for availablity and contact us through the "Scheduling Inquiry" form below or by mail. When you contact you, be sure to mention the theme of the event.


I have two callings from the Lord, that of an evangelist and a teacher. As an evangelist, I recognize that evangelism is the heartbeat of the church. My task is to bring a saving, healing, and spirit enabling ministry to the local church. We are available for three-day, four-day, and seven-day meetings. Most revivals will be scheduled with a local church sponsoring the event. However, if your church has less than 75 congregants, talk to us about the possibility of becoming part of our "Mission to America" Campaign. Check the itinerary for availablity and when you schedule, be sure to mention whether this is a regular revival or a themed revival. Use the form below to contact us.


We offer eight seminars: Trot Thru the Bible, Biblical Encounter I - IV, Holy Spirit Seminar, Cults Seminar, and Learning to Hear the Voice of God. These seminars are offered in a number of formats. Seminars, other than "Trot Thru The Bible" are scheduled only through the seminar webpage. "Trot Thru the Bible" seminars are scheduled on this page. Click here to be taken to the seminar offering webpage.

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