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Each of the seminars below is drawn from over thirty years of teaching ministry at a university level and forty years of pulpit ministry. Seminars are typically one day events, usually on a Saturday. However, they can be scheduled as multiple day events, weekend retreats or in conjunction with a Sunday speaking engagement.


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Biblical Encounter I - IV
Series consists of four one-day seminars (or each seminar can be broken down into four evenings each). Each seminar is a self-contained six hour multimedia event that will teach your congregation the basic storyline and content of the Bible. Throughout each seminar, Encounter Points help each attendee internalize and apply the truths of the Bible. Seminar Notebooks coincide with the presentation material. Seminars are spaced at least one month apart. There is a tuition fee for this seminar.
Minimum Requirement: 25 registrations Information
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door knock

Who's Knocking On Your Front Door? Cultic Invasion In Your Neighborhood
Three-hour seminar that exposes the threat of cultic groups to the local church during these last days. Tips will be given on how to: (1) spot a cult, (2) protect your family against cultic attack, and (3) share your faith with a cultic member. During the last session, there will be a Question and Answer time. Printed literature will be available for all who attend. There is no tuition fee for this seminar.
Seminar offered in a number of formats.

hearing problem

Eavesdropping -- Learning To Hear And Obey The Voice Of God
Three-hour seminar based upon the life of Young Samuel. All too often as Christians, we hear or sense that something is from the Lord, but do not know how to hear clearly the voice of God. This seminar helps you not only distinguish the voice of God, but learn how to respond in an appropriate manner to His leadings. This teaching is a must for anyone who desires to be Spirit-led. There is no tuition for this seminar.
Seminar offered in a number of formats.

laying on hands

Empowered for Ministry -- The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Six-hour seminar gleans from 31-year association with Oral Roberts' course "The Holy Spirit in the Now", plus insights gained from my doctoral dissertation. Breakout workshops deal with "gifts development." Seminar Notebooks provided. There is a tuition fee for this seminar. Seminar offered in a number of formats.
Minimum Requirement: 25 registrations

Any Seminar can be scheduled in conjunction with a Sunday Preaching Engagment


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Biblical Encounter 1: Creation Up To The United Kingdom
Biblical Encounter 2: The United Kingdom Thru The Return From Exile
Biblical Encounter 3: The Life of Christ
Biblical Encounter 4: The Book of Acts, The Epistles, and The Book of Revelation
Who's Knocking On Your Door--Cultic Invasion In Your Neighborhood
Eavesdropping--Learning to Hear and Obey the Voice of God
Empowered for Ministry--The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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