The Institute on Wheels is the educational outreach of James Tollett Ministries. Each course is designed to be at the Bible College level. The courses are specifically designed to educate lay people and pastors who cannot attend a formal school of higher education. Because of the recent pandemic all courses are offered online only. These courses are non-accredited.

The first step necessary to enroll and to take any of the courses listed below is to complete the Institute on Wheels Registration Form. Once you have completed and submitted the Registration Form, within a couple of days you will recieve an email that will give you the sign-on information that you need to enroll and to take courses with us. There is no charge to register to become an Institute on Wheels student. You only need to complete the form once in order to have your name listed with our registrar. The Registration Form serves as a gateway to allow you to enroll in the courses offered.

To learn more about a particular course, click on its title. The Institute on Wheels is made possible by students paying tuition for the courses that they enroll in. Tuition information may be found by clicking on the particular course that you are interest in.

To fill out and submit the registeration form, click here.



Trot Thru The Bible (3 Videos)
Biblical Encounter Series:  Coming very soon!
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Doctrinal Encounter Series: Coming Soon! . Empowered for Ministry Series: Coming Soon!
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You Can Survive and Even Thrive In Today’s Economy (4 videos) How to Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book Coming Soon!
Check back regularly to see new courses!