One of the best ways to get to know someone, or a ministry is to hear or read what others are saying about them. We submit the following as a means of allowing you to get to know us.


I would like to highly recommend Reverend James Tollett, D.Min. and his ministry.  I have known him for over twenty years and had him minister in my pulpit both in my presence and in my absence.

Dr. Tollett is a very competent communicator of the Word of God.  He is a man of uncompromising character regarding his personal life and in his interpretation of the scriptures.  He has done his Trot Through the Bible seminar here at Lifechanger Church and it was a terrific success.

Pastor Ted Estes, D.Min.
Lifechanger Church
Claremore, OK

I am Earl Ruckman, I am a pastor and a friend of James Tollett. I do certainly respect his ministry and respect him as a friend. He has been to our church and ministered. He is uplifting and has a good message. He has the word, he has the truth, and is used in the prophetic in the area of the healing gift. I would recommend him any church anytime, anywhere, any place. He will do you good and not harm. He will bless you. The people will want him back and the pastor will want him back. He is a good man to know. He is a man of prayer. He is a friend who will pray with you and will stand in agreement with you. I recommend James Tollett. I respect him and his wife.

Pastor Earl Ruckman
New Beginnings Ministry
Sand Spring, OK

It has been my privilege to not only know James Tollett for many years, but to also be involved in ministry with him. James’ preaching is refreshing and challenging. I have seen God use him to bring people to a level of repentance that they might genuinely respond to God.

I look forward to every time James ministers at Calvary Temple. His ministry is both simply profound and profoundly simple. He is able to open the truth of the scripture so that people of all ages and background can grasp its depth. After revealing the impact of the text, he brings it to the point personal application that allows the congregation to realize the impact and relevance of God’s word in the twenty-first century.

Thank you for your time. I truly believe the ministry of Dr. James Tollett will bless and inspire your church.

Timothy L. Watkins
Senior Pastor
Calvary Temple
Tulsa, OK

Dr. James Tollett has imparted to me and my ministry on multiple levels. I have seen him teach and preach on numerous occassions, and have had him minister at my church (The Life Connection) as well. He imparted to me as an undergraduate 21 years ago and did so as he coached me through my MDiv program. His Text to Sermon, Practice Preaching, and Signs and Wonders courses have hewn me as a minister of the Gospel. I would recommend him as a teacher or preacher in the local church setting, or in a conference or classroom setting as well.

Pastor Jeff Voth
Cornerstone Family Church
Tulsa, OK


Dr. Tollett's deep knowledge and revelation of the Word of God will inspire, motivate, and encourage everyone who hears his message.

With the sensitivity to the Spirit of God, Dr. Tollett ministers the Good News of the Gospel which brings the hope, peace, and joy of the Lord.

Sandy Hipple, Chaplain
Centennial, CO

Dr. James Tollett is a long time mentor and friend. As a professor at ORU he imparted to me principles for successful evangelism which have served me well in ministry in 22 nations. As a teacher and preacher he has a wealth of experience to share. His ministry will refresh your church and encourage your people. He will be a great compliment to building your vision. Please consider making room for this fine ministry.

Evangelist Michael Morelli
Morelli Ministries International Tulsa, OK

When I was a student at Oral Roberts University studying for my Master of Divinity degree, Dr. James Tollett was my professor. He gave us systematic teaching on how to preach God’s Word with integrity and passion. I am impressed with his love for God and with his love for people. If you invite him to preach in your church or teach in your Bible school, you will be blessed.

Evangelist Daniel King,